And Happenings

by Alyssa Champion

Coming home to you

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Welcome to And Happenings by Alyssa Champion!

A wellness haven here for you, whether you are at the start of your journey, looking for new guidance or to expand your horizons. 

Offering full-body spa massage to bring luxury and wellness to all. Live online yoga classes to support the And Happenings Community no matter where in the world.


We move forwards, together.

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The Joy of Yoga from

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Our Find Your Flow & Find Your Inner Calm classes are the perfect weekly accompaniment to your routine, wherever you are. Whether you are looking for a dynamic yet mindful flow to create energy or a class to invoke a calm mind, we are here for you.

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Massage Therapy

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Release endorphins, reduce stress and anxiety, promote deep relaxation, stimulate energy and rejuvenate you body and mind.

Visit my home or available to come to you in areas surrounding SL6. 

“This was by far one of the best yoga classes I’ve been to in London. Alyssa was a fantastic teacher and provided lots of assistance to help me improve my poses.”

“Wow! What a great class! I have never tried class with Alyssa but now I'll make sure I don't miss one! Long long holds that feel so good after - beautiful practice!”

Meet Alyssa Champion

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Alyssa is a qualified yoga & movement teacher, massage therapist and creator with hours of training and teaching experience. Here to guide you along your journey so you can discover inner calm and wellbeing.

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