Founding Membership

Wherever you are, whatever your experience, you are welcome. 

As we prepare to launch our brand new live yoga classes and a growing on demand class library, we have a very special offer for you to join our community as a Founding Member.

Membership offers:

  • All Live Classes

  • Unlimited access to the On Demand Library

  • Exclusive Discounts in our shop and for future events and retreats

  • A gifted And Happenings Tote Bag

  • A discounted monthly subscription

Our Live Classes and On Demand Library are launching in January 2022, the perfect way to start off the year and jump straight into your wellness journey. 

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Guided Flow

Cartoon woman in warrior 2 yoga pose

Meet your teacher, Alyssa, here to guide your flow, support your practice and your yoga journey. If you have any questions, enquiries or injuries you'd like to discuss, get in touch.

The Perfect Companion

Our Wellness Package offers the perfect wellbeing combination of 1-2-1 yoga and full body massage. A tailored and bespoke package for a unique experience.

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