Swedish massage benefits the body both physically and psychologically. Releasing joint restrictions, relieving tight muscles, increasing circulation and improving lymphatic drainage for the removal of toxins and improving digestion.

Massage helps to release endorphins, reduce stress and anxiety, promotes deep relaxation, stimulates energy and rejuvenates body and mind.


Offering either full body or half body sessions means we can target specific areas such as tight muscles or areas of tension.

Sessions are held at my home location in Maidenhead, SL6, UK. I can travel upon request, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Abstract Photo of Massage

Swedish Spa Massage - Full Body

A 60 minute, full body massage covering the back, neck, shoulders, front of both arms and legs (quads, shins, calves and hamstrings.


Swedish Spa Massage - Half Body

A 30 minute, full body massage covering back, shoulders and legs (calves and hamstrings).


Massage Membership

If you are planning to book regular massage appointments, you can save with our membership packages that offer weekly, monthly and annual plans.